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This term we are developing the ability to record pictorally and then label the pictures, using as many sounds as possible. For some children, this will be just the initial sound and for other children, this may include all the sounds in the word. We would not expect correct spelling but just a phonically plausible word. 


At home, keep a daily journal for each day by drawing a picture and labelling each item. An adult can scribe the sentence to describe the picture and then the child can write it underneath. 


You could also do this as a storymap, which the children are going to learn about this term for the story, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. There is an example below.

Draw a large oval on a piece of paper. Your child can draw the beginning, middle and end of their story around this oval and label each picture. Then they can use this story map to retell it to you. Encourage your child to use storytelling language e.g. once upon a time.


Below is an ideas sheet for incorporate maths into everyday activities at home.