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Wednesday 3rd June

Morning everyone! It's Wednesday!


We got a new chicken house for the chickens        Mrs T has grown an enormous

today!  They are still a bit confused by their        courgette plant! Hope she gets plenty of

new home!                                              lovely courgettes to eat!



Fractions of Quantities


When you are being asked for a unit fraction (1 of the parts) of something you are using division and your times tables knowledge like this:

Each time use a bar model to find 1 of the parts, then.. if you need more of the parts add them together like this:1 part is 4, but here we need 5 of the 8 parts.. so we need to add 4+4+4+4+4 = 20... or as you know from your times tables, this is the same as 4 x 5

If you have to use an improper fraction you will need 2 bar models like this to show more than one whole



Today you are going to write a log of your trip to Zargon 10. In the attched sheets, you have to complete the log describing what happens in each box. But, before you do this use the practise sheets for 


When or How


Then complete your log. The practise sheets will help you write clearly about your trip in sentences.

Science : Space

There are many missions that ESA, NASA and other space agencies are undertaking that explore space. Exploration in space using astronauts is very expensive and carries dangers for humans.

In terms of space, the furthest humans have been is the Moon; which is a lot further away then we think in comparison to the International Space Station!

Journeys to distant planets can take many years and the technology to send people there is not yet developed, so often missions are carried out remotely using robotic missions that are controlled from Earth.


Have a go at this quiz all about space missions:

Kahoot Space missions quiz

Game PIN: 03592875

Building a Lunar Village

One exciting mission that ESA are involved with is that of building a lunar village.

The scientists are coming up against many problems they need to solve in order to build their village.


Watch the video, thinking about how designers and engineers have found innovative solutions to some of the problems associated with building a village on the Moon.

Moon Village Construction

Still image for this video
Have a go at designing or building your own lunar village.


You can draw your design and label it, or even make it out of junk modelling materials you have at home.

Remember to think about all the problems that might be associated with living on the moon.