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Wednesday 29th April

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Many homes in Africa do not have taps and some villages do not have any taps either, so people have to walk many miles to a well or river to collect water. Look at these ladies and children carrying the water container on her head! They have a long way to go each day - the sun is hot and the container is heavy.



Looking at your plastic containers, which one would be best to collect water from a well in Africa and why? We want to choose the container that holds the most water so that we have plenty of water for the day.

1. Revisit the word, 'estimate'. Estimate how many cups will fill each container.

2. Using a cup, how many cups does it take to fill up each container? Make sure you measure fairly - the cup has to be full each time.

3. Record each number on a piece of paper and put next to the container. Were you right? 



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Using post-it notes or scraps of paper, write some labels for your African home that you made yesterday.



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

The ladies and children carrying the water containers have to walk slowly and have good balancing skills. Try to walk around the garden with a book or even a water container on your head!


I would love to see your pictures or videos on Class Dojo!  



4. The Daily Five - Project

In Africa, there are some very tall and very large trees called Baobab Trees. There is a photograph on today's PowerPoint slide. They are known as 'the tree of life' because people can make rope and homes from the tree. Today, using a roll of paper or a toilet roll tube, make your own Baobab Tree to put next to your African home. 





5. The Daily Five - Reading

Watch The Baebab Tree story, click here. Point out the speech bubbles - we will be using speech bubbles in tomorrow's literacy session. 

Today's comprehension questions are:

1. Why were the Gods angry?

2. Why did the Gods turn the tree upside-down?

3. Which part of the tree is pointing in the air now? 


Resources for Wednesday 29th April