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Wednesday 20th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Storytelling maths today! It is a good idea to use objects, even if they can do it without. The visual image of maths will help them later on at school.


If you have farm or zoo animals at home, you can use those. But any object will be fine to represent the animals e.g. Lego bricks. If your child needs more challenge, they could draw the maths in their green books (small circles are fine to represent the animal rather than proper drawings!) and then write out the 'number sentence' (5+3=8)


1. Once upon a time there were five hippos at the waterhole. Three hippos joined them. How many hippos are there altogether?

2. A crocodile ate one of the hippos! How many are left?

3. Four giraffes went for a walk to find some tall trees. How many legs are there altogether?

4. The four giraffes each had one baby giraffe (calve). How many are there altogether?

5. At the waterhole there are two elephants, two rhinos, one buffalo and three hippos. How many animals are there altogether?

6. One more buffalo joined them. How many are there now?



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Watch Okello's 'day in the life' video and discuss the questions together:

1. What was Okello's first job of the day?

2. What did Okello wear to school? Was it like your uniform? (some of Weare School's unused uniforms are sent to a school in Africa!)

3. How many children shared a desk?

4. How many computers are in your classroom? How many does Okello have?

5. How many children do you have in your class? (19) How many are in Okello's class?

6. What jobs did Okello do after school? What jobs do you have to do after school?!


We will write about Okello's day tomorrow.



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Have a go playing Ampe - a Ghanaian children's game. Watch this video to find out how to play. 



4. The Daily Five - Project

You sent me some great sunset paintings and chalk drawings last week. It looks like the children enjoyed doing them! This is a variation and will need to be tackled in two parts: the background sunset today and tomorrow, the black markings.




5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonics

Play this online Phase 3 game to practise the 'oa' digraph. Choose 'oa', 'er', 'ear' and 'ee'.