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Wednesday 20th May

Twit ta woooooo - Hope you have a lovely day! Chapter 3 - Dark is Fun!

1. The Daily Five – Maths


Mental Maths:  NUMBOTS: 

How are  you finding the challenge?  If you have earned less than 10 000 coins your challenge is to reach at least 10 000 coins by Friday.  If you have more than 10 000 see if you can earn 20 000 coins.  Some of you have more than 20 000 coins, please keep going!!

ON FRIDAY SEND ME A MESSAGE ON CLASS DOJO TO TELL ME HOW MANY COINS YOU HAVE EARNED.  Remember that your login is in your home learning pack or blue home school book.


White Rose Maths:  The two Times table

(this week’s maths is revision of multiplication you will need to remember how we do this when completing 2 and 3 part problem solving later next term!)

PARENTS (Please click the link and find Week 5 lesson three)


Let’s get started:

What will you need:  Your pencil, counters or buttons and work book.


Today’s lesson is all about using the two times table. (REMEMBER if you get stuck you can watch the video again to have another go!)


The Worksheet is at the bottom of the page!


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Daily Phonics:

Pine and Maple group: Logon to Espresso using the student login:  Student3775 and password: Weare1 

 Once you have logged on: click on Key Stage 1 - English - Phonics - Ash's phonics ‘ue’,’oo’, ‘ew’ spellings.  Watch the video and then complete the activities.


 Holly Group:   Today I would like you to watch two short videos of Geraldine finding both the ‘or’ and ‘aw’ sounds around the house for Mr Thorne!


This the ‘or’ one:

She finds three words and then you can add two of your own from yesterday:


This is the ‘aw’ one:

She finds three words and then you can add two more of your own from yesterday:


Practice them each 3 times!


Oak Group: 

Please write 6 sentences using 3 of each of the different spellings.  Keep practicing saying the poems too.


3.The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


In your home learning pack there was a set of exercise challenges.  When last did you do them.  Have a go at completing them today.


The Daily Five – Project


Parts of the Human Body

Watch BBC Bitesize


Then complete the worksheet:  Labelling the parts of the body


5. The Daily Five - Reading and Reading Comprehension


Complete your Innovate Write – Fraction Man. (finish it off tomorrow using your toolkit)