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Wednesday 1st April



Not dragons but piggies!!        Mrs T feeling pleased with her rhubarb!

Good morning from Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Tasch!

1. The Daily Five - Maths


Hundreths as decimals

You may want to use your decimal slider to write the hundredths in the correct places.

Remember to think about exhanging - 10 tenths = 1 whole one

2. The Daily Five - Literacy


Continue writing your story from yesterday.

Don't forget to edit it for spelling mistakes - use a dictionary if you can and check punctuation, especially Fullstops and Capital Letters!


Use these editing passes


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time


Have a go at Mr Coggins' pairing activity!


PE with Mr C matching pairs game

An outdoor/indoor game that can be played on your own or as a family using everyday objects around the house. Race against a time of your choosing and use your communication skills to improve your score.

4. The Daily Five - Project

Imagine you are Willie Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Facory

Invent an easter egg:

  • What flavours will it be? 
  • What will be inside it?
  • Will it have a gift inside?


5. The Daily Five - Reading

Challenge yourself to find and read 5 new words and find out their meanings.

Read any book in home e.g. recipe books, non-fiction books, newspapers, leaflets that come through the post etc.