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Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning everyone!


I went out to put the chickens to bed and     Mrs T ted has found her again and

thought our mosaic we made looked quite       he has come to surprise her!

lovely after the rain with the lights on it.


Subtract two 4-digit numbers - more than one exchange.


Remember in this lesson (if you are getting confused - because it can become quite messy) to draw place value counters to help you see what is happening in each column, like this:


Year 4 - Week 8 - Lesson 3 - Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)

This is "Year 4 - Week 8 - Lesson 3 - Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos...

Today Ethan had a go at a new puzzle, its all about knowing how to order decimals.

This is how he did it.

He is challenging you to have a go too, so, I have attached the puzzle instructions below.

Ethan's Challenge

Still image for this video


Listen to the story of 'Journey' again. I have shared it with you here:

I would like you then to think about the story you drew yesterday of your own adventure.

Having good illustrations in a story helps your reader to feel how your character feels.


Add colours to your story map; help your reader have visual clues.

Use colours that represent, feelings of excitement, boredom, fright, happiness and others you can think of.

How can you make the colours in the sky change so it reflects how you are feeling at that time in your adventure. 

Project - Inventors

Today we are going to look at how to invent our own moving vehicle.

You have two choices of vehicle to make today:

A cotton reel tank

You wil need

  • an empty cotton reel
  • old match
  • elastic band
  • a washer (you can use the end of a candle, or a piece of card)
  • a  pen



A rubber band car

You will need

  • wooden skewers
  • Pringles tube
  • plastic cups
  • rubber bands
  • drawing pin


Watch the videos below to find out how to make them.


OR design a car of your own, that can move on its own!


STEM Challenge Week 12: Cotton Reel Tanks

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