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Wednesday 10th June

1. The Daily Three - Maths

Once again, go through the homemade flashcards for numeral recognition and sequencing.


Carrying on with symmetry, draw a butterfly shape or use the blank template in today's resource section. Collect natural items from the garden - flowers and petals look particularly effective. Arrange the items on the butterfly template to create symmetry (children can often find the placement difficult on each wing). 



2. The Daily Three - Literacy / phonics

Recap on the lifecycle of a butterfly encouraging and modelling the use of the words, "first", "next", "then" and "finally". If you have a printer, print and cut out the pictures or draw the different stages, then stick them in your green books in the right order. Have a go at labelling each picture.  


3. The Daily Three - Creative

Stuff a sock (ideally brown or green) with paper - this is now your chrysalis! To say safe from predators like birds, the chrysalis will camouflage itself. Take your sock around the garden - where would be a good place to hide? Under leaves? Hanging from a branch? Underneath logs? Play hide and seek!