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Tuesday 28th April

It's Terrific Tuesday!  Good Morning everyone!


Wow what a busy day!  It's been so lovely to see your work on Class Dojo! We're both very impressed with all the work you have been doing! and it's been so exciting to hear from you and see pictures of you too!  

Remember to keep sharing your work and if you get stuck we can help out too!

The Daily Five

1. Maths

Halves and Quarters

Remember that 5 tenths is equivalent to 1 half


Fnding quarters. When you can't group you will have to exchange.

You may find using a 100 square helpful here

To answer the last questions think of the decimals as fractions.

Remember to find a quarter, half it and half it again!

To easily simplify fractions in this lesson, keep halving the numerator and the denominator!

2. Literacy

Similar or different?

a) The writer of our story uses ‘fronted adverbials’ to tell the reader where, when or how something is happening.  

Two examples:

Immediately, Li hurried home, wondering what on earth he should wish for. Suddenly, he stopped pacing and grinned.


Open the pdf below and sort the words out; which are similar in meaning to 'immediately', whch are similar to 'slowly'

Then write some sentences of your own using these fronted adverbials.



3. Outside Time

I think it might rain today! So remember to put your coats on!

Scavenger Hunt part two

4. Project - Science



Watch these 2 films. They show how sound is made from vibrations. Vibrations then travel through the air or water to your ear where they vibrate your ear drum.


Activity: String Telephone 

With help, make a string telephone. You need to get 2 yogurt pots or something like that and put a hole in the bottom of each. Join them with a long piece of string. Talk through one end while someone in your family puts their ear to the other end. Do not speak loudly. The sound is travelling by vibrating the pot which vibrates the string. This then vibrates the pot at the other end.


Do not worry if you don't have this stuff in the house - but do try it when we are back to normal!

5. Reading

Today we are going to think about Inference. We already looked at inference last week.

Using the story "The Contraption" again answer these questions:


1. How do you know that Hanna thinks Pippa is the more intelligent of the two?

2. What do we know about Pippa’s character? Explain how.

3. How did Hanna feel when Pippa first showed her Infinitum?

4. What was Pippa’s biggest passion?

5. How hard was Hanna working? How do you know