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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning from Miss Chapman! Here are today's Daily Five:


1. The Daily Five - Maths

Over the next couple of weeks, every Tuesday I would like the children to concentrate on developing their mental maths skills. This will involve the use of the whiteboards and pens provided, the hundred square, the number line and their Numbots account. 


Today, can the children please spend 20 minutes on their Numbots accounts. Their logins can be found in their blue home school diaries on the very first page. After this can they practice adding 10 to any given number, something we have really been working on in our mental maths sessions in school. This will require you to give them a number in between 1-40. They will write the number you have given them on the whiteboard and then write their answer underneath. If they are struggling they can use the hundred square which they are all confident with. 



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Finish the story from yesterday - With the key children who are in school we looked at the ring image from the home learning pack and stuck this at the top of the page. Please remind children to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and neat handwriting. Please see examples of neat handwriting on the 'resources you will need everyday' at the bottom of our home learning page. Also available for you to use is our letter formation guidance. As of next week we will have a handwriting practice focus one day a week. 


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time/Be Active

Draw around your shadow with chalk – go back outside 3 hours later and stand in the same place. Is your shadow in the same place? Discuss why are shadows have moved e.g. our planet earth moves around the sun. Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding. 



4. The Daily Five - Project

In science this half term we have been studying two science units, seasonal changes and plants (in forest school). Over the course of this week I would like the children to think about how trees change over the seasons and create some art work each day to show a tree in the summer, autumn, winter and spring. You can find examples of what I expect below under 'resources'. 


5. The Daily Five - Phonics 

Todays sound: /ou/ 

Below is the structure in which we teach phonics through the letter and sounds scheme. I will guide you through each step daily to keep it as consistant as possible for the children. We begin each session with a review of previous sounds learnt usually using sound cards. You could make your own sound cards by cutting up large squares of cards, and as you learn a new sound write the digraph onto it and keep for the revisit stages. We then teach our new sound, practice it in the context of words containing that sound and then apply it to dictating sentences.   


Revisit: Revisit ay - discuss what words contain the ay sound.  


Teach: ou is in 'cloud' (using Mr Thorne Phonics video, this will give you a clear pronunciation of the sound - see resources below for link). Write the digraph in air and on table with finger. 


Practice: together discuss words that contain the ou sound and write on w/b (cloud, mouth, out, round, sound, house, etc). Play buried treasure, phase 5 (ou). Click on the link Login using the details given (found in the home resource pack). The click on 'resources' and then buried treasure should be the first option. Wave your mouse over the picture and it should let you click on a phase, select phase 5 and follow the steps through until you can choose your sound (ou). 


Apply: Parent read out this sentences: What is the loudest sound around? children to write in exercise books. (You may need to repeat this a couple of times so they have time to listen to each word) 


Ext: Play ou sound dominoes found at the bottom of this page if you are able to print resources from online. 

Today's Resources: