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Tuesday 23rd June

1. Maths 

Please complete the first maths lesson from this week, 'partitioning numbers'. On the website you will find a video tutorial and under today's resources you will find the worksheet.


Let the children watch the video, then they can either complete the worksheet independently if you are able to print it off, or in discussion with an adult talking through the answers when viewing on the screen.


2. Literacy 

Finish writing your story. 


3. Topic

Using an image of Henri Matisee's the snail as a guide, re-create it using paper collage on a plain piece of A4 paper or card. Encourage the children not to cut out the shape of a snail on one piece of coloured paper - they need to do it how Matisee did it, through collage. Share your snails with me through class dojo! 

Today's Resources:

'The Snail'