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Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you enjoy the sunshine for the next few days, it’s supposed to be super hot!! 

Yesterday I was challenged to have a go at juggling. I am awful at it and completed failed, here are some embarrassing pictures that got taken of me whilst trying to attempt it, enjoy!! 



Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



Please watch Lesson 1 - Right angles in a shape again:


Remember, right angles are 90 degrees or a quarter turn and looks like this in a shape. We mark the right angles we find with a little square like this:


Have a go at this worksheet. Questions 8 and 9 are challenges today.



Willow Group Phonics


Did you manage to work out what the prefix 'sub' means? It means under or below.


Today you have the prefix 'super'. I am going to give you 3 words to add 'super' to, please write each of these words in a sentence with your best joined up handwriting.

-man, -market, -star


Extension: What does the prefix super mean?


Oak Group Phonics:


Polysyllabic Words: Using syllables when you read longer words really helps to think how to spell them. Today please choose 8 words from yesterdays words and practice each word 3 times but clap the syllables before you write each one.


Whole Class Writing Task

Please complete this activity at the bottom of page 16 on your journey to the jungle booklet based on the creature you decided yesterday you would like to be up close to. You need to draw either in the space in the booklet or just on some paper how you would tempt the creature out of its hiding place!

Journey to the Jungle Work book



Today's video is "Year 3 Rap". Here is the link:


If you can't access it through that link, please try this one and scroll until you find the video "Year 3 Rap":