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Thursday 7th May

It's Thrilling Thursday!


My little chickens have started laying   Mrs T is checking your science!  She is really pleased

little eggs! Look how tiny they are!      to see all your hardwork!

Daily 5

1. Maths

Divide 3 digit by 1-digit number


Again remember to keep exchanging. The Place Value grid is very useful to see how this works!


like this















THINK carefully how you want to parition the number so it is in the x table you know and easier to work out.

You can have a look at this more on BBC Bitesize

2. Literacy

Now that you have a new story, why not publish it? Below are some simple instructions for making a mini book from a piece of A4 paper. 


You can find instructions on how to make this here:

3. Outside Time

It is time to let everyone (and the hedgehogs) know you have a hedgehog friendly garden!


Today, make a signpost for your garden to show you have made a hedgehog highway!

Remember hedgehogs need a 13cm gap somewhere in your garden to get in.


Here are some ideas you could use

4. Project - VE Day


Make some bunting for our VE Day celebrations and have a go at cracking some morse code.

This was used during the war to send coded messages.


Morse code is a way to send messages without using words. The code has its own alphabet made up of short and long sounds or flashes of light.


Download the files below to help.

5. Reading

The Wexford Crier


1. What date was the newspaper written?
2. How many soldiers were saved by G.I. Joe?
3. Why did they have no way of letting the Yanks (Americans) know they had taken the town?
4. How long did it take to rescue the pilots after Winkie’s message?
5. Where did the RAF bomber crash?