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Thursday 30th April

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Watch this clip - there is a section to watch first and then discuss, before playing the remainder of the clip. Discuss your child's misconception and you could even demo with your own glasses at home!


As the children progress through Weare Academy, they will learn 'mastery' or higher order thinking. Explaining this maths concept is one of those skills!



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Going back to this week's video challenge question, "Was Miss Packer wearing the right clothes for her African safari?"...have a look at today's PowerPoint slides in the resources section below!

In the green writing books, draw a picture of Miss Packer wearing the right clothes for a safari trip to the desert in the summer. Label each of the clothing items. Make sure you include all the detail in the drawing e.g. sky, sun and sand. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

It is supposed to rain today. Leave some different sized containers out in the rain - see how full or empty each container collects using the capacity vocabulary that we have been thinking about this week. Check the misconception that all the containers received the same amount of rain, it was the size of the container that made the difference!



4. The Daily Five - Project

Going back to the savanna photographs in the PowerPoint, now paint a picture of the savanna in the dry season - it must include the same tree! Think carefully about the colour of the sky and the colour of the grass.



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read 'In the Desert' from the Big Cats Ebooks (Pink B) - the parent guide to log in can be found on the previous page.

Foxes Group - have a go reading the text on the page and discuss the pictures.

Rabbits Group - play 'word spotting' - "can you find a word beginning with 'p'?". If that is too easy, try finding the end sounds in words. 


If you can, try to read one of these books each day. 

Your child's phonic phase can be found on the original letter that I sent home. Children who are working at Phase 3 could try a Phase 4 book. 

Resources for Thursday 30th April