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Thursday 26th March

Good morning from Mrs Gibb! Here are today's Daily Five:


1. The Daily Five - Maths

First: practice your number bonds using the part-whole worksheets which are in your home pack.  Complete one of the worksheets.  

Secondly:  Using the link  press on the Timetables button and practice your tables to 12.  If you are not sure of the answer.  Use your arrays (peapods) to show your working out in your workbook.


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Weekly Spelling Test:

All groups - ask your parents/carers to give you a spelling test on the words you have been practising this week.

Then the ones you have not quite got right practice them 3 times each.  Well done you have worked hard!!


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Spend sometime going for a walk around your garden and then sit quietly for a few minutes listening for birds so that when you go back inside you can draw the birds in your garden picture.


4. The Daily Five - Project

Have a go at doing Mr Coggin's exercises:

It needs no equipment and just a little space. I am planning to do a new one every day using my family as helpers.

You can add this to your exercise activity and log.



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Have you and your adult logged onto the Oxford Owl website?  Remember to read every day and record how many books you have read on your Reading Log.