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Thursday 25th June

Good Morning!! It is hot hot hot!! 

Yesterday, I got out of my car and saw this snake outside my house! I think it was a grass snake, but I really don’t like them so was a bit scared!! Luckily it has gone now!

Yesterday evening when it was a bit cooler me and my mum did a 15 mile bike ride, it was still so hot though!
Miss Chorley and Sophie spent the day in their swimming pool yesterday, I’m so jealous I haven’t got one!! I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather!
Have a lovely day year 3! :)



Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



We are moving on from angles now.. very quick!! We are still looking at shapes though. We are looking at horizontal lines and vertical lines, do you know the difference?


Horizontal lines look like this (I remember it by thinking of a sunset on the horizon!):


Vertical lines look like this:


Please watch Lesson 3 - Horizontal and Vertical


Then have a go at the worksheet.


Here is some support for the last couple of questions as I think most of you could give it a go. When we say "a line of symmetry", it is a line that goes through a shape and the shape is the same on both sides of the line, it's like a mirror image!


A horizontal line of symmetry would look like this:


A vertical line of symmetry would look like this:



Willow Group Phonics

Please choose 6 of your common exception words to practise. You can use the proforma sheet below if this helps you.

Oak Group Phonics:

Ask your parents/carers to give you a spelling test on the words you have been practising this week.

Then for the ones you haven’t quite got right practice 3 times each.  Well Done keep up your hard work!


Whole Class Writing Task

Please use your plans you wrote yesterday and invent your instructions on how to get your mysterious creature out of its hiding place! You can do this all today or choose to complete it over today and tomorrow depending on how much you would like to write. If you are completing over 2 days, I recommend that you write the introduction and equipment list today and then the rest tomorrow. Look back to page 15 to use the example text for some extra support (or it is below!).



Have a go at completing this skeleton word search. Some of these bones you may not have heard of, could you choose 3 to write the meaning of in your book or below the word search?