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Thursday 16th July

Missing you all so much Year 3! I hope you all have a lovely day and are looking forward to the summer holidays!


Bar charts! Remember, when reading these, you read along the corridor (along the bottom) and then up the stairs (along the side)!


On question 3 where it asks you to draw one, look at the key used in the pictogram, can you see it goes up in 5's? It might be good to go up in 5's on your bar charts too!


When drawing your own bar chart, an equal gap should be left between each bar. Your bars should also be all the same width.


Watch the video carefully to give yourself a reminder and then have a go at the worksheet.


Video Link: "Lesson 4 - Bar Charts"


Common Exception Word practise again today! Have a go at this other word search. Can you choose 3 to put into a sentence?

3. You should have received a letter in the post from your new teacher in September! You may want to use this time each day to begin to complete the transition activities set for you in your envelopes. If you are planning to complete at a different time, you can continue with your coding on If you finished the course the other day, here is the next one if you would like to give it a go! :)