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Thursday 14th May

It's Thrilling Thursday again!  Hopefully warmer than Wednesday!


I went to the lake opposite my house    Mrs T is going to have to get some

to see if the swan was there, but          new trousers!  Her legs have

found only ducks and seagulls!              grown lots!!



Daily 5

1. Maths

Area counting squares

Area is the space inside a closed flat 2D shape

You can either add all the squares but for some shapes you could use a multiplication calculation.

For some of these questions you are finding the area of the coloured squares only.


2. Literacy

We are going to take a further look at Kennings. This time using nouns with -ing on the end.


Watch the video and have a go at writing your own tree kenning.

Kennings Teaching Powerpoint using -ing.wmv

Still image for this video

3. Keeping Fit


It's Mr Giblett's weekly challenge.

Today is a funny one to try!

Can you do it first time?


4. Project - Computing

Have a go at Lesson 4 on

Lesson 4: Conditionals with the Farmer

A conditional is something that needs to be there (or not there) in order for the code to work.

The conditional we are looking at in this is "While"

So, in this lesson we are looking at

while there is a pile of remove it

which means, if there isn't a pile of dirt, it will not remove it (basically it can't remove something that isn't there)


If you find this tricky, go back to one of the other lessons to refresh your memory about coding.

Remember here there are always help videos and tips.


If you have lost your login please let me know, it should be on the sticker on your folder


This is where to start:


5. Reading

Here is another activity you might like to try from First News.

It's called Mystery News. You will find the answers in this week's First News newspaper.