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Thursday 14th May

Year 2 - this morning you can meet a real author her name is Julia Donaldson and she is reading you a poem called: Poem of names.

Here is the link to the poem:


1.The Daily Five – Maths


Mental Maths:  Let’s start by spending 10 minutes playing on the numbots.  Remember that your login is in your home learning pack or blue home school book.


Today:  Round prices to the nearest 10

Document at the bottom of the page: Thursday Maths 

I would love to see you work on Class Dojo!


2. The Daily Five – Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics:   Weekly Spelling Test


All Groups:  Ask your parents/carers to give you a spelling test on the words you have been practising this week.

Then for the ones you haven’t quite got right practice 3 times each.  Well Done! How have you done this week?


3. The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


Dance of your Choice:  Choose one of the three dances to practice again today.


 4.  The Daily Five – Project



Senses Sight:  Watch the clip from BBC Bitesize –


This time write describing sentences (using adjectives, commas and similes) to tell me what you can see.


5. The Daily Five - Reading and Reading Comprehension

Thursday Maths work