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Year One's Tiger that came to tea day!

Our author focus this term has been Judith Kerr and to celebrate her amazing contribution children’s literature Year 1 held a tiger that came to tea day!

In Literacy this half term we have been focussing on instruction writing. We began the unit by following some instructions to create our very own tiger masks for the special day, don’t they look ROARSOME! Moving further into the term the children learnt all there is to know about instruction writing before innovating their own instruction text on baking fairy cakes, something tigers really enjoy eating!


On the day, the children all dressed up as fearsome, but friendly tigers and spent the morning following their instruction text to make their own delicious fairy cakes. Some children even made their cakes all by themselves! In the afternoon, the little tigers used their tiger invitations to come into the tiger tea party where they ate their yummy cakes and watched the Tiger that came to tea short film. We also learnt more about Judith Kerr’s life, how she began writing and designed and decorated our own teapots. We all had such great fun!