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Excellent results for pupils at Weare School - 04 January 2015

Weare Academy Church of England First School
Data Performance during 2013-14
Weare has been judged to be ‘Outstanding’ by OfSTED (in a 2007 inspection and 2011 report) and by the Diocese in their Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools report, 2013.
This Data Performance report summarises the data about our pupils’ performance, which all schools are required to collect and analyse.
Reception Class - The Early Years Foundation Stage 
Our pupils continue to do very well. 71% of our pupils achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’. This is above the national average of 60% for 2013-14.
A Good Level of Development is achieved when pupils meet the criteria for ‘Expected’ or ‘Exceeding’ the Early Learning Goals for 12 of the 17 areas on the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. These areas focus on development in Personal, Social, Emotional, Literacy and Mathematics. This does not measure progress; for example, it does not reflect the significant progress made by children with special educational needs, who do not meet standard national criteria.
Year One Phonics 
The Year One phonics test produced a repeat of last year’s exceptionally high results. 90% of our pupils achieved or surpassed the required threshold level, which is significantly higher than the national average of 74%.
Year One pupils are tested on their ability to read 40 words. To meet the standard for 2013-14, 32 words need to be read accurately. Pupils who do not meet the standard in Year One are retested the year after, in Year Two. The few pupils who did not meet the standard in Year One did so the year after.
Year One Phonic Screening Check Year Two Phonic Screening Check (retake)
Children meeting standard                                   26     Children meeting standard                                    4
Children who did not meet the standard            3 Children who did not meet the standard           0
Disapplied                                                                 0 Disapplied                                                                0
Year Two Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs)
Our Year Two pupils are tested in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The results are published as Level achievements. Level 2B would be the expected achievement for an ‘average’ Year Two pupil, in all subjects.
Our Year Two SATs results for 2013-14 are significantly above the national average, in all three subjects.
Statutory Assessment Tests %
Level Reading Writing Mathematics
Level 3 66% 50% 56%
Level 2a 17% 22% 17%
Level 2b 11% 16% 19%
Level 2c and below 6% 12% 8%
Key Stage Two (Year Three and Four)
There are no national tests or statutory submission of data for Year Three or Year Four. However, we can compare our data with our previous achievements year on year and with other schools that voluntarily submit data to Somerset County.
Our teacher assessments for Years Three and Four show that attainment continues to improve throughout those years for Reading, Writing and Maths. Our end of Year Four results compare very favourably with other schools in Somerset for 2013-14. They are well above the ‘county’ average for each subject.
Headteacher: Miss Denise Mawdsley
Chair of Governors: Kate Pargeter