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Dog Training Day

Weare Academy First School welcomed Tutor Dogs:-


The Little Orchard Dog Training Academy engaged pupils and adults in ‘Doggy Talk and Training', when they visited Weare School on Friday 13th March.


The trained tutor dogs demonstrated a range of skills while the academy leaders led a question and answer session on Working Dogs, Safety and Hygiene. All the children were given the opportunity to meet and greet a dog of their choice.


'Little Orchard' is owned by Sarah Lindsey, a parent of one of our Reception Class pupils. Sarah told us that,” We are keen to promote education about dogs to children at school. Everyone can take something from the experience, whether that’s a bit of safety advice or the chance to try some dog training".


The Dogs are also trained as Therapy Dogs, and it is hoped that they will begin as part of a reading in schools program at Weare School very soon.