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Monday 30th March

Me and Hugo!

Good morning from Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Tasch!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Divide 2 -digits by 10 digits

This week there's someone different narrating the videos! Remember if you get stuck draw pictures!  Draw the Place value counters! or make some to use.

Gattegno Place Value Chart

2. The Daily Five - Literacy


The Sky Journey

In your packs you have the Sky Journey picture

Today I would like you to looki at the picture and describe the scene.

  • What can you see? Use powerful  adjectives and verbs.
  • Can you use similes and metaphors to describe the clouds. (there are some suggestions for these below)
  • Remember to describe each part of the ship.
  • Do you think sails would be useful here?
  • How is it powering itself?


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

  1. First place some crocks at the base of a plant pot.
  2. Then half-fill the pot with soil or compost.
  3. Dig up a dandelion. You must get most of the long taproot up with it, without which it will quickly die. (The taproot is the straight, tapering root growing vertically downwards and forming the centre from which subsidiary rootlets emerge.)
  4. Plant it in the pot, and firm it in with more soil or compost.
  5. Water it well, then put it on a windowsill.
  6. Look at it regularly. You should see it grow buds, then the flowers will open, then they'll die, and finally the seed clocks will form.
  7. Your dandelion should grow quite a few flowers. You can count how many it grows, then see if you can guess how many seeds it has produced - hundreds!

4. The Daily Five - Project - Easter

Design an Easter shop and explain what you would have in it and why  e.g. eggs, Easter gardens ...


Remember how we drew our Magician's shops.. think about perspective.

5. The Daily Five - Reading for the week.

Keep reading from the resources from last week and practice your spellings from your Key Learning Priorites in your folders. Remember to use some of the spellings games to help you with this in your packs.