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Monday 22nd June

Good Morning Year 3! Did you have a lovely weekend? Yesterday for Fathers Day me and my family went up a hill and had a picnic and a cream tea (it was very windy and we just missed the rain!) Then we went for a walk around Cheddar reservoir when it brightened up! 
Miss Chorley went to the beach with her family and took her paint pens and created this beautiful rock!!
Have a lovely Monday Year 3! Missing you all!



Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



We are looking at angles this week.. these may be slightly new to you but I'm sure you will understand it fantastically by the end of the week. Please watch up to 2 minutes and 14 of "Lesson 1 Right Angles in Shapes" to find out what an angle is and what a right angle is:


An angle is a turn in a shape between 2 lines.


A right angle is 90 degrees, if you can draw a square between 2 lines in a shape like this, then it's likely it's a right angle!


Can you workout how many right angles are in this square?


You can also use your hand to find right angles like this!


Today, I would like you to go around your house and see what right angles you can find, either using your hand or one of the right angle finders below which you can print out and cut out. Here are a few I found.... please either take a picture of your angles and upload to dojo, write a list of the right angles you found or draw the right angles you found.

Maths worksheet and right angle finders



Willow Group Phonics

Today you are going to look at the prefix 'sub'. Here are 4 words for you, please add the prefix and then write the words into a sentence each with your best joined up handwriting.

-heading, -tract, -marine, -title.


Extension: What does the prefix 'sub' mean?


Oak Group Phonics

This week we are working on POLYSYLLABIC words.  These words have more than 1 syllable.  So you can clap the syllables in a word like:  Jan clap u clap a clap ry = 4 syllables

Here are some other polysyllabic words to clap out.  Then write them in your book and mark the syllables with a line between each one like this: Jan/u/a/ry

     immediately                 confidently                      importantly           

enormous                                            terrific                                      horrific


fantastic             carefully                   January                          February


Whole Class Writing Task

Today we are looking at pages 15 and 16 of our Journey to the Jungle book. Listen to the suggested recording in the book and then read the instructions on How to uncover a Soupee Bird. You are then going to complete this question from the booklet...

I would like you to write:

What mysterious, rare thing you would like to see up close

Where in your jungle journey do you think you would find this creature

Describe what you think it would look/be like using some adjectives.

Journey to the Jungle work book



Today you have got some art linked with your science. Last week, lots of you told me that you really enjoyed putting all of the bones together of a skeleton, so I thought it would be cool to do some skeleton art today, you might want to use the skeleton bones you used the other day to help you! Below are some examples of 'collaged skeletons'. You could use whatever you like to make one of these such as pasta, ear buds, pipe cleaners, bits of card board, anything!! I'm excited to see what some of you come up with! Are you able to label any of the bones?