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Monday 18th May

The lady was wearing a big beautiful necklace because she was going to get married! The beads all mean something different and are often put together by the bride's mother or the woman in her village.


We are almost at the end of our topic about Africa and I bet you know a lot more than five weeks ago! Click here for this week's challenge video! This week's challenge is: "How many computers are there in a village school in Africa?"



1. The Daily Five - Maths

This week we will do a little more on patterns and then we are going to do addition, using stories. This is quite tricky! The children will need to listen and then apply their mathematical skills (using objects) to calculate the answer. 


Today, we are returning to patterns. You'll need to work out where your child is before attempting this. Can they make an ABAB pattern? Can they make a ABCABC pattern? Or ABBABB? Can they finish your pattern? If not, keep practising this with colours, shapes and objects.


If yes, let's move on! We are going to symbolise a pattern now. First collect a pile of three different objects. Here is my pattern:



1. Miss Packer thinks a red square should come next. Am I right?

2. What should come next?

3. Now, using your objects, recreate the pattern rule above like this:



This will probably need some modelling from you for them to understand what you are asking. This might be something to keep revisit all week. But if they can do it, they are working at a high level!



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

It's our final week learning about Africa! In your green writing books, tell me your favourite activities about Africa. What did you find most interesting? What did you enjoy making?



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

This week, we are going to look at some playground games played by children in Africa. I have taught the children some of my favourite playground games: Stuck in the Mud, Hopscotch, Tag, Hide and Seek, In and Out the Dusty Bluebells, What's the Time Mr. Wolf!


What was your favourite playground game or song at school? Maybe teach that! If you're stuck, how about Jacks? A great one for hand-eye coordination. Lay five small stones on the back of your hand. Toss them into the air and try to catch them with the palm of your hand. Who can catch the most stones? 



4. The Daily Five - Project

Make an African mask. Have a look at today's PowerPoint for some ideas of designs. If you have a printer, there are some mask templates in the resources section below. If you don't have a printer, then draw your own. You could add feathers and decorations! 



5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonics

Just check-in with your child's phonic knowledge - go through the flashcards. Which ones are the tricky ones? Keep practising those at breakfast time this week! This week we will revise 'oa'. Play the 'roll and read' game in the resources section. If you don't have a dice, click here.