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Monday 11th May

Good Morning Year 3 from us and my cat! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun! 


1. The Daily Five - Maths

This week, we are going to focus on this 1 video on multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8 (summer term - week 4 11th May - Lesson 1). You may watch the video if you like or you can go straight onto the sheet which I am attaching at the bottom of the Daily 5 as it is not available on the website. Todays worksheet is based on multiplying by 4 (which we have looked at before). Remember our key tables in year 3 are the 3's, 4's and 8's. Questions 7, 8 and 9 are the challenges, so give them a go if you can!


Remember when you are mutliplying to use your grouping method.
E.g. 3 x 4 would be 3 groups of 4 objects and then counting how many you have altogether!


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

In Literacy this week I will be introducing a story to you called "Carrie's War". We have lots of copies of this in the classroom so I was very pleased to see I could get it online for you. It is about a girl called Carrie who returns to the place she was once evacuated, she tells the story about her journey to her children. On the link above is a video called "Episode 1", this is the first part of the story. Please listen to this and either print off the sheet below or draw it out in your book, If you want to print I have attached the document for the sheet below the daily 5. All you need to do is write down all the different characters you meet, what relation they are to Carrie and what they are like as a person.

3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete some exercise of your choice!

When the sunshine is out, take some objects outside and see if you can write a word that you can see in the shadow. You could even have a go at writing your name!

4. The Daily Five - Project

In the first week we had a look at rationing. This is where you were limited to what food you could buy. A lot of people in the war would grow their own foods to help with the rationing. Today, I would like you to just write a list of the types of vegetables you would grow in your WW2 vegetable patch in your garden.


5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read a book of your choice and log this into your reading log.