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Friday 5th June

Happy Friday Year 3!! I went for a walk along the Bridgwater and Taunton canal yesterday. From Bridgwater I managed to reach the Neptune milestone, I tried to get to the next but it took far too long walking so turned around. Maybe next time I will cycle instead! Here are a few photos from my walk.


Mental Maths
Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars



It's Friday! If you have a printer, print off one of these 3's, 4's and 8's colouring sheet. A great way to practise your times tables! If you don't have a printer or didn't want to do those pictures, you could draw your own picture (with big gaps to colour) and ask someone at home to put some times tables in and a key for colours so you can colour in! If you are doing this, take a look at the pictures below to help with the key and the type of multiplications used.

Maths colourings


Willow Group Phonics

Please choose 5 new common exception words to practise. Practise them saying and writing them 3 times and then put the word into a sentence.


Oak Group Phonics

TODAY'S Phonics for all group:  Common Exception Words – please practice writing 6 of the words three times each and then use them in 4 sentences!


Whole Class Writing Task

Today you are looking at pages 8 and 9 of the workbook. You are going to write your own list poem today about the things that you, as an explorer, would have in your rucksack. Have a look at the one on page 8. Underneath, it gives you a few tips of things to make your poem exciting. Then, use the plan on page 9 to write what will be in your rucksack, then write your poem out in neat on a new piece of paper. 


Journey to the Jungle workbook


Either choose one of the templates below or draw your own leaf. Inside the leaf I would like you to write a happy memorable moment that you have had so far during the time we have been off. Decorate this as beautifully as you want :)


If you wanted to print one but can't from the images below, I have attached a PDF that has lots of templates on underneath all of the images.


Memory tree templates