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Friday 26th June


After a hot day I went for a          Mrs T has picked some gorgeous sweet peas!  I bet

walk on the beach, lots of people      they smell amazing!

had the same idea!


League Tables

Watch the video and have a go at completing the football league tables attached

League Tables Y3 and Y4

The video starts with a recap on mental strategies for division. Then we study football league tables: can children work out the missing information from lea...


Today plan your first page of your Transport booklet. This is going to take the form of a non-chronological report. You are going to use the information you found out yesterday, either about hot-air balloons or the method of transport you chose.

First, watch this:


Then use the plan below to decide what is going to go in each part of your report.

R.E. - Humanism

How do humanists decide what to believe?

Read the presentation below and have a go at the Symbols task