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Friday 24th April

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!! I hope you have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend. You have all done brilliantly this week.


Looks like my cat is going to be helping me with some school work this weekend!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Todays lesson is Week 2 lesson 2 - Fractions of a set of objects (1), follow the video and complete as many questions as you can from the worksheet. Remember, the last 2 are the challenges! If you need, use objects around your house to help you group the objects. For example, here is Sophie using fruit to help her work out fractions.


Main points from the video:

The BOTTOM number (denominator) shows how many groups you need to SHARE your objects into. For example, if I wanted to find 1/4 of 16, I would share 16 objects into 4 groups and count how many is in 1 group, just like dividing! It is the same as 16 divided by 4.

When you get to bigger numbers, you could make your own place value counters (10s and 1s), but remember to exchange 10s for ones if you don't have enough 10s to share equally.


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Some more creative writing for you today to end the week! Here is a picture, have a go at writing a story for this picture. What do you think has happened? Why is the girl riding an Ostrich? See how many powerful adjectives you can use in your story to describe your characters and setting. If you want to find more of these pictures, I get them from Pobble 365, they put a new picture up everyday that you can use for some creative writing.



TODAY'S Phonics:  use your common exception words to practice them.  Practice 5 of the words on your cards each 3 times in your work book and then use them in sentences.


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete an exercise video of your choice. Then, if you have sticks in your garden and string at home, have a go at making a stick raft. You could even test it and put some characters on it!

4. The Daily Five - Project

Today you have something a bit different, Mr Sage has started making some French video lessons for you to do. Have a go at this one on "je voudrais". I might even follow this one as well so I can learn some more French! Follow the link below to access the lesson.


5. The Daily Five - Reading

Complete your reading for today and write it onto your reading log.