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Friday 1st May

Yahoo, you have done well, it's Friday your Daily Five is almost done for the week!

Finally  time for a story with Winnie the Pooh
Just enough time for a lovely cup of Peppa pig tea

1. The Daily Five – Maths


Mental Maths:    Today we are going to have a go at showing the division facts for 5 times table.  Have a go at the worksheet (on Class Dojo) then get your parent to ask you to say the facts first reading them and then eventually saying them without looking at the page.  I would love to see your work when it is complete.  I have also put the worksheet at the bottom of the page.

White Rose Maths:  Today we are Measuring Length using cm (centimetres), so have your ruler ready. 


FLASHBACK 4:  We are finding fractions again. 



PARENTS (we are a week behind so please click the link find Summer week one lesson 3) Have you got your ruler at the ready? As well as a piece of string or wool!


REMEMBER if you get stuck you can watch the video again to have another go!


Then have a go at the activity – Super measuring using a ruler!


2. The Daily Five - Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics:  use your common exception words to practice them.  Practice 5 of the words on your cards each 3 times in your work book and then use them in sentences.


3.  The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


This week we are going to do our exercise with Mr Coggins:


4. The Daily Five - Project

Don't forget to measure your bean again and draw it showing how many centimetres it has grown.

Now let's watch the third episode of Mojo learning about have a bad mood!

He met a famous pilot who to work really hard to achieve her dreams when you have joined in reading the story about her. You could draw a story map show her starting off dreaming about flying and then reaching her goal.  I do hope this is helpful.


5. The Daily Five - Reading and Reading Comprehension

I have found a lovely Reading comprehension story about a sea turtle called:  The Boastful Little Turtle.  This story is from a group of islands called the Phillipines. 

TOP TIP:  If you struggle to read all the words ask your parent to read the story with you OR take turns to read parts of the story like we do in Guided Reading.



  • Read the whole story. 
  • Then read through the questions. 
  • After that read the story again. 
  • Finally answer the questions by writing them in your work book.




Division Facts for the 5 timestable

Reading Comprehension: The Boastful Little Turtle.