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Friday 19th June

Good morning on this lovely Friday!


It seems to be a good year for olives   It was Mrs T birthday yesterday

My little olive tree here is covered in   Wouldn't you just like a slice of her birthday

flowers, so hopefully in a few months    cake??

I will have lots of lovely green olives!


Today have a go at the Three Number challenge. Watch the video then have a go at the questions below!


Three Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4

Find all the possible answers on the Three Numbers Challenge. A great way to develop systematic mathematical thinking for children in Y3 and Y4!


Today we are going to start writing our own adventure stories. I want you to write just two paragraphs:


Let's think carefully about your first paragraph. 

1. Think about why you are bored, what is happening around you? What can you see, hear and feel. It doesn't have to be a city that you are living in, it could be your home now.

2. How are you going to find your crayon, or paint brush or felt tip?  Was the cat sitting on it like in 'Journey' and you saw it when the cat got up? Or was it hiding underneath your cereal packet, but you just hadn't noticed it before?

3. What made you think about drawing on the wall?  After all, drawing on walls is not a good thing do. Were you drawing on paper first? Maybe you drew on the floor and not the wall?

4. When you realised you could walk through the door you had drawn, how did you feel? What could you hear? What could you see as it started to open?

5. Second paragraph:
Describe the world, into which you walked. Think about the fantasy setting pictures I gave you yesterday, which setting did you use? Describe it in your second paragraph. Use powerful adjectives and verbs in your sentences.


This is the start of my story:

I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling. I felt sad and alone. I rolled over and my eyes caught sight of a red crayon on the floor. I hadn't noticed it there when I came in, although I was in a huff when I stormed into my bedroom. Perhaps it was because I knocked over my pile of clothes that were heaped on my chair.

I picked up the crayon and turned to face my blank, cold bedroom wall. A thought flashed in her mind and I started to draw, even thought I knew I would probably get into trouble for this I didn't care. At first I didn't know what, but the harder the crayon pressed the more confident I felt. A doorway emerged from my outline and I stepped into it ....

R.E - Humanism

What makes us special?

Humanists believe human beings are special and human life is valuable.

Watch the video and read  the document below about why Humanists believe humans are special below and then have a go at deciding what are interesting questions by placing them on the grid on the worksheet.

Humanism4Schools - Questioning- Why are questions important for humanists_

Still image for this video

It's Father's Day on Sunday


You may want to make him a card.  Here are a couple of ideas you may want to make for him!


I have put the instructions of how to make these below