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Friday 15th May

It's Fantastic Friday!


Well my day has been spent mostly at the computer, 

editing the "Look to the Rainbow" song for school, reading   Mrs T has been having 

your work on Dojo and answering lots of emails!               fun making strawberry

                                                                  jam! (not sure how she resisted

                                                                  eating them!)

Daily 5

1. Maths

Today you can choose to do the Maths challenges, (The most suitable questions for Year 4 are 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.)

Or, it would be really good if you spent some time on Times Tables Rockstars to revise those timestables again. 

Remember Year 4 should know all their timestables by the end of the year, so see if you can do some revision today.

I will be looking at your progress to see how far you have got.

2. Literacy


Let's use all that knowledge you now have of Kennings and see if we can have some word play fun!

This game involves collecting words that might have different meanings. Take the word ‘aftermath’. The dictionary will tell you that this means, ‘the consequences of an event or action’. However, it might be ‘what happens after mathematics finishes’. 

Have a look at this table. Can you write new definitions of the words? Perhaps, for some of them, you could write a kenning as a definition!

3. Keeping Fit

Have a go at some of the activites on Go Noodle!  We have done a few of these in class. but there are lots more you can do.

On this page if you scroll down, find "This Week's Activities!" and have a go at some of them. ( you don't need to signup to play these)

4. R.E - Hinduism


Watch another short film to remind yourself about Hinduism

Hindu children learn about Dharma by listening to stories. They enjoy the stories and learn how to live their lives.

This is a favourite story about Rama and Sita. Children learn different things from the stories - For example Rama did not want to go to the forest but he did because he did as his father told him.


We are thinking about the word Dharma in the Hindu religion.

Dharma means to do the right thing in your life and teaches Hindus to be good to everyone.. Hindus are expected to look after their families but also treat everyone and everything with respect. Dharma helps the Hindu people think hard about the world.


Activity 1 ( You do not need to write this)

Think about something you have done this week you are proud of - What were the consequences (did you feel good or even make someone else feel good?)


Activity 2

It can be difficult to do the right thing (Dharma) all the time - have a think about these situations. What would you do?


You see someone drop a £5 note from their pocket and you need some money to buy some sweets.

You accidentally break the frame of my parents favourite photo - but they didn't see you do it.

Someone you don't like trips over.

You have to finish your work before you go out to play and your friend offers you their book to copy the answers.

Someone in your class is saying unkind things about someone else.

You want to go and play with your friends but as you run past your teacher he/ she drops all the books they were carrying


Now for a tricky one!

Your Grandmother offers you some cake that you really don't like, but she proudly says she baked it especially for you. Is it right to lie? But do you want to upset your Grandmother's feelings. Write down what you think.

5. Reading

Fnish reading First News or your favourite book.  Find a nice peaceful spot and lose yourself inside it.