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We learnt a poem call 'Phew' which was all about eating an ice lolly, we each had an ice lolly and had to describe it and finally write our own poem about another item of food!

During our Forest School Science activity, whilst looking for earthworms, we came across a baby Grass Snake - it was soooo exciting!

As Scientists we planted cress seeds and we used pippets to put just the right amount of water on our seeds. We then observed them grow and finally we made cress sandwiches!

In R.E. we have been looking at The Human Time Line - so we decided to celebrate a traditional birthday party !



Although we were unable to be at school for this important day, joined a live zoom call and dressed up in our favourite book character.  We we listened to each other read, Mrs Gibb read us books about children who had started out as just ordinary children and then became famous because they pursued their passion and interests.



Some of the book covers we made from World Book Day