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2nd April 2020

What are we learning today?

Look who I found in my sitting room this morning?
I found something soft and cuddly too!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

First: Numbots mental maths practice today.  Keep it up, well done!

Secondly:  This week we are looking at fractions.  Maths Rose Hub has a set of lessons.  

Using the link go to Week 1 Lesson 4 -   Watch the powerpoint and have a go at answering the questions. If you are not sure of the answer there is a set of answers for you to check at the end. 


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Daily Phonics:

Weekly Spelling Test:

All groups - ask your parents/carers to give you a spelling test on the words you have been practising this week.

Then the ones you have not quite got right practice them 3 times each.  Well done you have worked hard!!




3. The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time

 Are you keeping up with your exercise log?  Do your exercises following the one in your home learning pack.


4. The Daily Five - Project

French Rainbow Song: We have practised this before so watch the video and then create a rainbow with all the colours and sing the song in French.

When you have completed your rainbow put it up in your window to help cheer others up and raise a smile as they spend more time inside.

It's also fun spotting them if you go out for a walk!   


5. The Daily Five - Reading and Reading Comprehension

Please read the Reading Comprehension story called:'The Monster Surprise'

Pink Group: Answer the question sheet with one *

Red and Blue Group:  Answer the question sheet with two *'s

Yellow Group:  Answer the question sheet with three *'s

A Monster Surprise Reading Comprehension