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Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Project - Bubbles

During these next two weeks, I would like you to concentrate on the Bubbles project that Hugh Sexey have sent you (even if you are not moving to HSMS this is a nice project to share with your Year 5 teachers).  We will be doing some work on it in school, when you are in, and will be mostly focussing on the Country and World-wide bubbles.

Remember, your tutors are looking to see how amazing you are at writing, art or digital literacy (some of this work you might like to present as a video or a powerpoint perhaps).


So try and give as much detail as possible  (don't just write one or two sentences for each, make your paragraphs interesting and engaging). This is your chance to show off how amazing you are at writing. Remember, paragraphs, adjectives, super verbs, adverbs and amazing punctuation!


I have attached some templates you might like to use for different parts of the project.


At home I would like you to complete the work for your home bubbles:


Myself - selt portrait, likes and dislikes, what I am good at, what would I like to be better at, what would I ike to be when I am older. How do others see me.


My family - who lives with me, describe them. Do you have pets. Can you create a family tree


My Friends - who are my friends, how do I feel when I am with them. What makes a friend?


My school - who are the teachers and staff/ What lessons so we do and when. What has been the best thing about school, what have you missed about not being in school


My home - Draw a plan of your house. If you could decorate your bedroom what would it look like?


My village - draw a map of your village or part of the town you live in. Don't forget to name the roads and shops. Are there any shops you would like to see in your village or town?

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