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Wednesday 6th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Please complete lesson 2 of Summer Term 1 week 3, fact families - linking addition and subtraction. On this website you will find a video tutorial, a worksheet and the answers. Let the children watch the video, then they can either complete the worksheet independently if you are able to print it off, or in discussion with an adult talking through the answers when viewing on the screen.


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Over the next couple of days the children will be planning and writing their own newspaper articles based around the headline 'THERES A WOLF ON THE LOOSE' and surrounding the theme that the police are working with the three little pigs to capture the big bad wolf and put him in prison to stop him destorying anymore houses. You can use my headline if you wish or you could come up with one of your own.  


Today I would like the children to plan what they are going to write in their newspaper article using the given planning template. In your article you will need to consider an introduction - explaining what the article will be about e.g: Early last week a big bad wolf destroyed 2 houses in our local area and attempted to destroy one more later on that day. Police are now on the hunt for the wolf and put him behind bars. 


You will also need to consider the main body of the article - here you will explain the key events. E.g. On Tuesday 28th April the big bad wolf set out on a day long crime spree in our village. First he destroyed a house made of straw belonging to a Mr Pig. He then went on to chase this pig to his brothers house where he destroyed a house made of sticks etc... retell the story in the third person. 


At the end you will need to explain what is happening now - e.g. the police are continuing their search for the Big Bad wolf before he carries on his rampage in our local area. If you have seen the big bad wolf, or have any information please report this to the police by calling 999. 


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time/Be Active

It is important that all children have at least 1 hour of exercise every day and our resident PE Mr Coggins has been provding daily PE sessions. Please can your child watch this and join in with him! 


4. The Daily Five - Project

We need to learn more about our own homes in preparation for the next 2 weeks of our project.


Each day in your workbook I would like you to consider each of the main rooms in your house (Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom) and describe what things we have in them and the things we do in them. We need to do this because over the next 2 weeks we will be comparing our homes to homes around the world and homes in the past. 


Example - Kitchen: I will write kitchen at the top of my page as a title. Draw a picture of my kitchen. List the things I have in my kitchen (Oven, Hob, Sink, food, drinks). Then I will describe what we use the kitchen for. (In the kitchen we keep our food and cook our dinner).


5. The Daily Five - Phonics

Remembering the 'ou' sound. 


Look at these 'ou' words - choose a word and write a sentence containing this word. Remember your capital letters and full stops. Do this 3 times. 










Challenge: write a sentence containing 2 of the words! 

Then play buried treasure with (ou). 

Today's Resources: