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Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning! It's Wonderful Wednesday!



Today I thought I would read you the story        Mrs T's foxglove is gigantic!!!

of Silly Billy !


This site has ideas on how to make your own worry dall

Daily Five

1. Maths

Divide 2 digits by 1 digit number

 Remember for division, we start with the largest place value number, e.g. start with the Tens first. In this lesson we are having to deal with remainders and exchanges.Draw a grid to help you group the counters. Draw rows for each number you are dividing by. e.g. if you divide by 3 you will need 3 rows in your place value table

Here you will have to exhange 1 ten for 10 ones. Compare the Part Whole model to the Place value table to see how this works.

Remember, if you get stuck draw counters on a place value chart!


3. Literacy

Final section

Use your boxing up planner to help you.  Look back at The King of the Fishes model text to help you too.

In this section I want you to:

have the wish come true;

make sure your reader knows that your main character has changed because of the wish.

3. Outside Time

Last night my family and I rescued a hedgehog from a fox!  It was squealing loudly, but mostly because it was scared!  We put it in our cat basket overnight and took it to Secret World this morning. They said it wasn't injured but is a little under weight, so they are going to look after it for a few days before we can bring it back and release it again in a safe place.

So, today I would like you to see if you can make a Hedgehog House, something a hedgehog could hide in and feel safe.

















Download the file below for ideas! Remember ask an adult to help you cut a plastic bottle if you use one!

4. Project - Science


Think about how some sounds are higher and some are lower - this is called 'pitch'

Watch this video:

If you have an instrument at home twang a string or blow down it and think about how you can change the pitch ( this is not making it louder or quieter - but a higher or lower sound) For example did you cover more holes or did you shorten the string?


Write in your books about this and use drawings to explain how you change the pitch.

If you don't have an instrument do you have an elastic band you could stretch over a box or saucepan?
Maybe you could use saucepan lids and tap them -

Do the smaller or larger make a higher or lower pitch?

Draw and write in your books to explain what things made higher and lower pitches.

5. Reading

The Wexbridge Crier - Explain

1. Explain how the problem at Calvi Vecchia was solved.

2. Explain how the author uses the title to make you want to read the newspaper article.

3. Explain how they knew where to find the ditched aeroplane.