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Wednesday 6th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

We need to buy safari tickets today. If you can, print the safari tickets below or make your own. You will need 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. Play safari park, with your child checking the money from the safari guests (that's you!). Then swap roles. 



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Going back to Monday's PowerPoint slide, write a page for the non-fiction information book about Africa (using the plain paper in the Home Learning Pack). Write the title 'Safari', choose a vehicle to travel and draw it. What animals will be in your drawing? Will it be the rainy season or dry season in your drawing?


Foxes Group - write a sentence about why your vehicle is the best one for safari (talk about possible different sentences together - we always talk before writing!) e.g. "In Africa, you can go on safari in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon goes high, so you can spot the animals."


Rabbits Group - have the same discussion as the Foxes Group. Then label your picture as independently as possible.    



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time


In the garden, leave a trail of arrow sticks to take you on a secret safari.



4. The Daily Five - Project

We need some binoculars for our safari! Make some binoculars from toilet roll tubes or rolled up paper. What are binoculars? 



5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonics

Play Phoneme Pop - click here (you'll need to enable Flash). You can select the right level for your own child, a mixture of graphemes that they are secure with and ones to practise. 

Resources for Wednesday 5th May