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Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning Year 3! We are missing you loads!

Yesterday I went into school to do some stuff to the classroom, it felt so empty without all of you in there!

Also yesterday Miss Chorley spent her afternoon being a hair dresser and making a beautiful braid for Sophie!


I hope you all have a lovely day!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

TT Rockstars today please.. the battle is still ongoing! I have set the tables that I would like you to learn. 


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Have a look at the newspaper report you wrote last week. Over the next few days I would like you to write a newspaper report based on the questions you wrote down yesterday.

Today I would like you to PLAN (I have attached the plan template underneath the daily 5)


Remember you will need:

A catchy title

An introduction - who, what, why, when, where

Facts and quotes

A picture (you could draw your shelter)

Ending - what would happen next, would it be built differently?


REMEMBER - you don't use the word "I" in a newspaper report. I know you asked the questions so you could call yourself "the reporter", and make up someones name that would have been answering the questions.

 Oak Group Phonics: Have another go at learning this poem this time write down the possessive apostrophe words.  Can you think of anymore?


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete an exercise video of your choice! Remember to keep active!

Go outside and have a go at making a rainbow on the ground out of nature in your garden (it doesn't have to be the exact colours of the rainbow)


4. The Daily Five - Project

Begin making your model Anderson Shelter. You could use paper, cardboard, card, bottles, milk cartons, play dough, tins. I am going to pop some examples below again to give you inspiration. As we learnt on the first week, people during the war mostly grew their own vegetables, so you might like to make a vegetable patch to put next to your shelter!



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read a book of your choice, don't forget to note down what you read on your reading log.

Newspaper Report Plan