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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning Year 3!


I hope you are all having a good week so far, half way through! What did you all get up to yesterday? Here’s a couple pictures to show you what Miss Chorley and I have been up to!


Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



Here is todays video link:

You are still looking at subtracting two 3-digit numbers, but today it will include some exchanging.


Reminder on exchanging:

I have done the first one as an example. Look at the ones column first, can you do 4-6? No, so the 4 needs to go to the neighbour, ask to borrow 1, which makes the neighbour 4 and the original 4 14, because it has taken from the tens column. You can then do 14-6.


I would like everyone to complete questions 1-4. From then, have a look at the other questions and complete what you feel you can have a go at.

Maths worksheet


Willow Group Phonics

Read this poem and circle all of the "ation" words. Keep practising the poem, perhaps you could upload yourself to dojo saying it if you'd like!


Oak Group Phonics

Your new poem today is all about words ending with “il” and it is called, “Tiny Devil”. 

Please circle all the words ending in ‘il’ three times each.  Then instead of just writing sentences could you write your own poem using ‘il’ words?



Whole Class Writing Task

Please read the letter again to remind yourselves of the context. Todays task is on page 6 of the work booklet. Firstly, throughout the letter, check that there any no other words that you need to find out the meaning of. Then, underline the correct meanings of the words in the sentences on page 6, then complete the bottom of the sheet where it asks you to write some sentences with your new words. I would like you to do at least 3 please.

Journey to the Jungle Workbook


French lesson today! Here is a video link to Mr Sage's lesson on numbers!