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Wednesday 29th April

It's Wonderful Wednesday!!

and possibly a rainy one too!

You have all been even more busy on Class dojo we are absolutely loving seeing what you have done and Mrs T and I have spent many hours reading it all!

I also found time to learn more about Scratch coding and hopefully we can have a go as a clas soon. I'm going to try and put something up we can all have a go at. Mrs T is busy potting up her summer bedding plants inside!  I hope she doesn't make too much mess!



Daily 5

1. Maths

Pounds and pence

Remember to use your decimal slider as a place value grid to help you with these problems. You can draw the coins on it with your whiteboard pens.

In this problem you can place the coins on the place value grid which will help you to write the total amount  of money in decimals. It will help you to see there are no tenths here



3. Literacy

Boxing Up

  • The King of the Fishes is a wishing tale.  
  • Let’s look at the underlying pattern of the story by  putting each section of the plot into a separate box.  Later, we can use this to help us plan a new story. 


Tomorrow we will be thinking about Innovating the story of the King of the Fishes. Using this grid.

Today you are going to think about an animal that could be the King or the Queen of its kind.

You will need to give it its name and draw it, make it or draw it on the computer (perhaps the Class dojo drawing tool)

If you like you can download the pdf below to see this clearer.

3. Outside Time


Today we should have been heading to Kilve! so for today's outside activities I want you to see if you can do an activity that you may have done at Kilve.

You can choose either to do any or all of these or one of your own!

  • Cycling
  • Archery (make your own bow from a stick and wool or string)
  • Jumping and walking through muddy puddles and lanes
  • Obstacle course / team building
  • Den making
  • Star gazing
  • Disco


4. French 

YEAR 4 family lesson 2

This is "YEAR 4 family lesson 2" by Alistair Sage on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

5. Reading

Today's focus is Prediction:
Remember to answer these questions with full sentences.

  1. Looking at the two pictures, can you predict what the parts of the machine are and what it might look like? Have a go at drawing it.
  2. What does this paragraph suggest will happen next? What makes you think this? 
  3. Can you predict what you think will happen now to Pippa and Hanna? Will the contraption be successful?