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Wednesday 25th March

Good morning from Miss Packer! Here are today's Daily Five:


1. The Daily Five - Maths

This term, our number work has been focused on addition. We use the language 'adding' (not plus) and 'makes' or 'equals' for =.

To play this game, you'll need some cards with numbers on (this could be a pack of playing cards or number flashcards or simply writing numbers on post-its). You'll need 1-9.


Turn over a number card, roll the electronic dice (click here) or real dice if you have one and add together using the 'counting on' method. If Rabbits Group children struggle with this activity, try addition by counting two sets of objects. The concrete objects may be easier than the abstract number. 



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

It's Miss Packer's birthday today! We have made lots of cards this term. Make me a birthday card and you could even write a little message inside the card, using their phonic knowledge. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

We are going to learn about 'minutes' today. Explain there are 60 seconds in 1 minute and 1 minute is not much time. Set a timer for 1 minute (you could use the timer function on your phone or Alexa). How many jumps can you do in 1 minute? Hops? Spins? Star jumps?  



4. The Daily Five - Project

We are revisiting the theme of patterns today. The children can make an art picture, using a two-pattern or three-pattern. It might be sponge paints in different colours or drawings of their favourite shapes. 



5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonics

Go through your phonic flashcards, making a note of the one's that your child does not know yet. Keep practising those particularly ones over the coming weeks. Today we are focusing on the 'ch' digraph. How many 'ch' words can they think of? (Google 'ch pictures' to help them). How many 'ch' words can they write in 5 minutes? Remind your child to write a list so they know how to set out their work in the writing book.