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Wednesday 25th March

Good morning from

Ms Bradshaw & Mrs Tasch!

Here are today's Daily Five:

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Lesson 3  - Tenths on a place Value Grid

Watch the video and have a go at the questions.

You may want to use your decimal slider and maybe use some buttons or coins or even raisins (just don't eat them until after you've done the questions!) to help you with the exchanges

2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Read your explanation to someone in your family and see if they can guess what machine you have written about.


Now add something to your machine that will make it even better.


e.g. could the washing machine also hang clothes out?

Could the toaster also cook eggs?

(I'm sure your drawings will be better than mine!)

Draw your new machine and label it with the additional parts and describe what they do.



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time


Make a bug house from the leaves and other things you have collected.


If you have a spare plastic bottle.. Ask an adult to help you make one like the one on this page. Do not cut the bottle on your own!




4. The Daily Five - Project


For today's project Mrs Tasch has asked you to have a go at this game

Vertebrate or Invertebrate?


"You will need to enable FLASH to play this game"



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Continue reading your home reader, or a book from Oxford Owl

Alternatively try an online comic!