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Wednesday 24th June

Making a Splash - the staircase strategy

1. The Daily Three – Maths


Mental Maths - NUMBOTS: 

You did so well last week that we are having another week of our daily Numbots challenge!  Have a go at moving up a level this week.  Remember to have your user name and password ready.  It is in home school pack and in the cover of your blue Home School book.




Today you will be using addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division.  You might like to get some of your toy dinosaurs or your toy animals for one of the activities!

This week we are going to work on using measure Week 9, Lesson 3 is:

Four operations with length

Here is the link:


At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


2. The Daily Three – Literacy


Daily Phonics:


Pine and Maple group: 

Today you have another worksheet to complete where you find both the missing letters then write the silent k words that are missing in the sentences.

At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


 Holly Group:   Today I want you have a go at this fun worksheet.  Find it at the bottom of the page. 

Worksheet at the bottom of the page.


Oak Group: 

Today you have a Polysyllabic word search to complete – good luck!



3.  The Daily Three – Writing Today:


Using the words you collected yesterday have a go at writing 6 rhyming sentences:


This is mine: 

They floated along

As the whale sang a song

They rested for the night

With the bright moon still in sight


Then could you draw a picture of the Snail and the Whale in the sea?  I would love to see it all on Class Dojo!!

Four Operations with Length, Pine and Maple - Missing letters and Missing words, Holly Group tion worksheet,

Oak Group Wordsearch