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Wednesday 24th June


These are my giant African Land Snails just waking up.

Watch the video below to hear one eating! 

snails eating.mp4

Still image for this video


Estimating money


Year 4 - Week 9 - Lesson 3 - Estimating money

This is "Year 4 - Week 9 - Lesson 3 - Estimating money" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


We are going to make an information leaflet now all about transport.

We have been creating and inventing our own vehicles for a few weeks, and we have studied the history of them, and written about magical forms of transport.

So today, take a look at the transport photos below and then complete the A-Z of Transport. I have completed some of it already, your challenge is to complete the rest of it.


You may need the internet (check with an adult first) or a dictionary to complete it!  Good Luck!


Art - Stencils

Have a go at stenciling.

  • First, choose a picture below.
    If you have masking tape, tape over all the lines.

  • Carefully cut out the middle of the picture with scissors (or the grey parts in some pictures) 
  • Then, carefully tape the picture down on a clean piece of paper
  • Next, gently paint over it, being careful not to paint under your cutout shape
  • Finally, once dry, peel off your stencil to reveal your finished picture.


Alternatively, you can create a stencil of your own:

First draw a basic outline like this on card if possible and cut it out. Then lay your stencil on a clean piece of paper and paint all over it (start from the outside and work inwards to avoid blobs of paint slipping under your stencil):

Once you have finished painting, carefully lift your stencil up and when the paint is dry draw some features on it.