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Wednesday 22nd April

Good Wednesday everyone!!


My daughter Lily brought our cat       Mrs T is having her toes warmed up

Storm to see what I was doing on      by Teddy T!

the computer!


by the way did you see the Lyrid Meteor Storm on Tuesday night?

You can read more about it here and you can see it each night for a few more nights!

The Daily Five

Don't forget to spend some time on Times Tables Rockstars! 

I'm enjoying seeing your scores go up!

1. Maths

Compare Decimals


Sometimes its easier to write the numbers below the picture, as you count the place value counters. Your decimal slider might help you do this

Remember, converting the tenths to hundreths can make these easier to solve

When you read decimals, remember to say. "zero point six"..... "zero point two four" so you don't get confused

In this slide 0.6 also equals 0.60


IF you get confused.. use place value counters in the last questions.. (or coins to represent them.. a

One here can be represented by 

a Tenth by 

and a Hundreth by 

2. Literacy


Today we are going to look at some of the words in the story

First match the words to the pictures then write three sentences with that word in it

The pdf below will help guide you through this section.

3. Outside Time

We are going to add a third activity to our gross motor trail Today you have to do ALL three!!

Today's new activity is Wall Warm Ups


4. French  


Monsieur Sage has made a new video for you all about

"Ma famille"

Watch it here

YEAR 4 family lesson 1

This is "YEAR 4 family lesson 1" by Monsieur Sage on Vimeo,

5. Reading

Today we are going to think about inference.
An inference is any step in logic that allows someone to reach a conclusion based on evidence or reasoning. It is similar to a conclusion or a deduction. 
Inferences are very important when reading a story or text, and is a good reading comprehension skill.


Have a look at this picture from

and answer these questions

  • How are the owls related?
  • Which owl is about to take its first flight? How do you know?
  • How does the young owl feel about flying?
  • What might it be thinking? Add a thought bubble to the picture.
  • Is the older owl worried?
  • What advice might the older owl give to the younger one?