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Wednesday 1st July

Happy Wednesday!


My chickens love raspberries, They only have little

legs so have to flap like mad to pick them!

Here's a video of them!  They make me laugh so


Chickens love raspberries

Still image for this video

Sports Day Number 3

Hop, Skip, Jump

Today you will need 1 heal to toe distance for this, Pencils will be useful here to mark where you land.


PE with Mr C - Bean game warm-up

A short warmup game that you can do with no equipment and little space.

Virtual Sports Event - PE with Mr C - Event 3 - Hop Skip and Jump

Event 3 from the Virtual Sports Event Series - Hop, Skip and Jump


Introducing line graphs.

You may need some squared paper for this, but don't worry if you don't you can still draw these graphs on lined paper.


Year 4 - Week 10 - Lesson 3 - Introducing line graphs

This week's First News