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Wednesday 1st July

Hello Year 3! I had the busiest day yesterday getting all of your lovely reports finished! It made me reflect on how hard every single one of you has worked this year and I’m so proud!! 

Here is another lovely picture of the swans near where I live! They have 8 babies!



Please watch lesson 3 - Recognise and describe 3D shapes


Then have a go at completing the worksheet.


Faces = flat sides of a shape

Edges = where 2 faces of a shape meet

Vertices = Points on a shape


Questions 8 and 9 are challenges today!


Virtual Sports Day


Event 3 – Triple jump, - Hop,skip, jump


Video tutorial link:


Distance – 1 x Height – walk out your height in toe-to-heels.


Place a cone marker at each end. The distance in front of you should be your height. Hold a marker in your hand if possible and start at one end of a cone. Perform a Hop (one foot to the same foot), then a skip (the foot you landed on and then jump and switch and land on the other foot) and then a jump (taking off on one foot and landing on two). Place the marker at the back of your heel and walk away. If you fall back then retake the jump. You are measuring the distance between your height and the distance you jumped NOT the entire distance. JUST THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR HEIGHT AND DISTANCE JUMPED. Write down the score to the closest Heel-to-toe measurement you can.