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Wednesday 17th June

Wednesday - Bonjour. comment allez vouz? Two more super collage owls!

1.  The Daily Three – Maths


Mental Maths – This week we are having a week at practicing out times tables:

You can play the times table game:  Hit the Button:


You can choose the times table you would like to play but remember I do want you to be really good at 2x, 5x, and 10x.  Then you try x3 and x4.  You do need to work towards knowing them off by heart and randomly until you move to the next times table. 



This week we are going to revise our 2D and 3D shapes Week 8, Lesson 3 is:

Sorting 2D and 3D shapes


Here is the link:


Today you will be sorting shapes using mathematical areas to find what is the same and which are different.   As you watch the video have a go at sorting the shapes using different reasons?

Now Complete the worksheet.


 At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


2. The Daily Three – Literacy


Daily Phonics:


Pine and Maple group: Today write 6 sentences using the words from yesterday and Monday.  (remember to use capital letters, adjectives and full stops, question marks or exclamation marks)


 Holly Group:   Today I want you have a go at this fun worksheet.  Find it at the bottom of the page. 


Worksheet at the bottom of the page.


Oak Group: Today we are reminding ourselves what an adverb is:

Have a look at what Mr Thorne has to say about them:


Choose 5 adverbs different from the ones you have on your list to use in interesting sentences.


3.  The Daily Three – Writing Today:


Here is a word mat to help you with some of the spelling:



I have attached a shorten version of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark:


I have highlighted in Red each of the ways the different characters described the dark. 

When you have read through this again, have a go at completing the attached worksheet drawing each character and writing a sentence for each one. 


In the last block choose your own word and character for describing the dark.

  This is preparation for tomorrow writing task.  I would love to see your worksheet and especially your new word and new character.


First read the shortened version of the story and then complete your worksheet.

Maths worksheet, Holly Group Phonics, The shortened version of the The who was afraid of the dark, Who said Dark is ......