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Wednesday 17th June

1. The Daily Three - Maths

Sticking with the making 5 using a part-part-whole model but changing the format slightly today. Use this online game to make 5. You will notice that the model is presented differently which can confuse children. 



2. The Daily Three - Literacy / phonics

Today's digraph is 'ee'. 


1. Go through the Phase 2 and Phase 3 flashcards (in the resources on the previous page).

2. Watch 'Mr Thorne does Phonics' here.

3. Make the sound together..."ee, ee, ee". 

4. Explain that there is also another 'ee' sound in words like the days of the week. In your green writing books, write draw three things that end with 'ee' and write the word underneath. 



3. The Daily Three - Creative

Have some fun with food today, perhaps for lunch! We would use support the children to use a sharp knife safely in school. Try to recreate The Hungry Caterpillar: